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  ALASSIO  -  Route AL-COSTA DI LAIGUEGLIADifficulty: easy 4,700 M

Total distance:   4,700 km
Altitude min.:       155 a.s.l.
Altitude max:   289 a.s.l.
Altitude Start:       270 a.s.l.
Altitude Finish:       163 a.s.l.
This track is easy, well suited for those with less experience, and it also offers beautiful views over the sea.
It starts from the characteristic hamlet of Colla Micheri , located on the hills above Laigueglia. Here an ancient roman road comes together with the “Percorso Verde”, the track that ends by the ruins of San Bernardo Church.
Testifying the antiquity of this path is a headstone that reminds of when Pope Pius VII came through on the way back from his exile during Napoleonic times.