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  ALASSIO  -  Route G1-LA GRAN FONDO DEL MURETTODifficulty: high 32,640 KM

Total distance:   32,640 km
Altitude min.:       7 a.s.l.
Altitude max:   533 a.s.l.
Altitude Start.:       16 a.s.l.
Altitude Finish:       16 a.s.l.
Start from Piazza Partigiani
This track follows the same tour of the well known "Alassio's Muretto" Gran Fondo.
After trailing the main streets through town, you proceed uphill toward the ruins of San Bernardo's church and, just across from it, the park adventure "Solleone".
From here you can take a 10 km loop up the hills that run above Laigueglia; Once back at the park adventure, you can proceed uphill on the asphalted road toward Crocetta-Madonna della Guardia, and from here take a path to the "Torre di Adelasia" in Vegliasco.
From the ancient tower the tracks start to be of both asphalted and unpaved ground; Some of them are of high technical difficulty, but they overlook the sea, thus giving dramatic views over the wide coast, and in particular over the characteristic "Gallinara" Island.
Finally a steep and challenging path takes you back to Alassio.