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  LAIGUEGLIA  -  Route L1-COLLA MICHERIDifficulty: high 13,270 KM

Total distance:   13,270 km
Altitude min.:       10 a.s.l.
Altitude max:   335 a.s.l.
Altitude Start:       15 a.s.l.
Altitude Finish:       10 a.s.l.
The starting point of this track is on the beach of Laigueglia by the "Torrione", the watch tower used for centuries by both soldiers and citizens to guard over the water and sight the "Saraceni", who would sail across the sea to pillage the coastal towns of Liguria.
The first part of the track is asphalted, then it turns into unpaved ground till the hamlet of Colla Micheri.
From here a single track in part easy and in part more challenging, leads you for a tour on the hills above Laigueglia.