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  ALASSIO  -  Routes M1-MADONNA DELLA GUARDIADifficulty: high 9,520 KM

Total distance:   9,520 km
Altitude min.:       183 a.s.l.
Altitude max:   595 a.s.l.
Altitude Start:       185 a.s.l.
Altitude Finish:       183 a.s.l.
Start from Piazza Merlini in the hamlet of Moglio
The track starts with a combination of asphalt, cement, and unpaved ground, which runs toward “Torre di Adelasia”, an ancient tower in the hamlet of Vegliasco.
From here you can take a single track slightly uphill, and eventually an unpaved stretch all the way to the top of Pisciavino Peak (600 mt. above sea level). The arduous workout to reach this point is worth for the breathtaking views it offers.
From here the track continues downhill through a series of paths, in tracts more difficult, toward the starting point in Moglio.